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Earn Money and Win Prizes online

Hello Everyone welcome to MePrizes , we are here to help you find the best sites to make money and win prizes. We have been in the earning and winning game since 2008, we have seen many sites come and go. Below we bring you a list of current websites that pay you in cash and gift cards for doing easy free stuff. Stuff like watching videos and taking surveys as well as trying new apps and games. You can even win prizes on these sites through contests and sweepstakes. The best part is that it’s free, 100% free to join and use any of the sites. These sites pay fast too, most even have instant pay.
——————————————————————— came on the scene in 2011 and has already quickly climbed the ladder to become one of the greats rewards websites of all time. It can be used from a PC or Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. They pay you instantly with a low $1 minimum. You can choose from PayPal or gift cards.

———————————————————————– is a fun site with a chat box where you can get help from other members and the friendly staff, they get a little wacky in there sometimes but it sure is a fun place to go. You can make some serious money here too. they have many great offer walls and new surveys added everyday. You can also do paid to click and other easy ways to gain coins. Once you have 100 coins you can get your first dollar, via PayPal or Amazon gift codes.

——————————————————————— has many games that allow you to take a chance and get more free “bank rolls” that is what they call points. You gain the bank rolls from doing fun free stuff like taking surveys and watching videos. You can also win bank rolls and cash in the many contests and bonus promotions that this site is well known for having.

——————————————————————— is an internationally friendly paid to click mega site with many great ways to earn, not just paid to click, but you can also get paid very well on the surveys and advertiser offers as well as CrowdFlower tasks. This website has been around for about 10 years and it’s one of the best to make money from anywhere in the world.

——————————————————————— is less than a year old but it’s a great site that pays fast and has a friendly admin available to answer questions and help with anything you need. You get paid via PayPal or you can get amazon codes.

——————————————————————— has fun contests, bonuses and games available to help you have fun while you earn cash and win prizes. The site has great support and a chat box that you can use to get tips from other members and staff.


These are just a few of the great websites you can use to earn money and win prizes. You can find a great list of more sites on Thanks and good luck.